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At Eggzoid, we carry on the poultry farming business in a highly perfected scientific environment. As a result many investors prefer to put money into in this business. People generally establish poultry farm for the purpose of producing eggs, meat and generating high revenue from these products. Billions of chickens are being raised throughout the world as a good source of food from their eggs and meat. Our company creates the best conditions of cooperation & financial success to make a win-win scenario for both our investors & our company.

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Why Choose Eggzoid

Discover a new world of reliable investments for great profits.

Multi-Acre Area

We have a big space for commercially breeding chickens.

In numerous coops or cages, the birds are kept in a vast multi-acre area. We maintain a carefully controlled environment that avoids crowding, chilling.

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Experienced Owners

A dedicated & efficient team manages the poultry farming.

Poultry farm structures require high maintenance. But thanks to our team we are able to minimize diseases and illness in poultry by following proper hygiene.

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Huge Annual Revenue

Poultry provides nutritious food and has a global demand.

Commercial poultry farming business ensures high roi within a very short period. Some poultry birds like broiler chickens take shorter time to mature and generate profit.

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Solid Future Plan

Our company provides a reliable investment platform.

There is an established market for poultry products in almost all places of the world. Poultry farming creates employment opportunities for the people.

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Eggzoid Farm Limited provides a massive & reliable investment opportunity for clients to get profitable returns.

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About Eggzoid

At our company, we are engaged in poultry farming i.e raising of birds commercially.

Who Is EggZoid

We deal in brown, white eggs & meat of poultry.

We are a investment company based in poultry farming.

At Eggzoid Farm limited we raise various types of domestic birds commercially for the purpose of meat, eggs and feather production. It is a profitable and high return value global business. Poultry breeding is an outstanding example of the application of basic genetic principles of inbreeding and crossbreeding as well as of intensive mass selection to effect faster and cheaper gains in meat and maximum egg production for the egg-laying strains.

Eggzoid Farm Ltd

Regn No. 12047548
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  • Registered Address 76 Greenside House Station Road, Wood Green, London, UK, N22 7TP
  • Director // Mr. Sean Barrett
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How We Work

We work in a carefully controlled environment.

The feeding, watering, egg gathering, and cleaning operations are highly mechanized. Birds are usually housed in wire cages with 2 or 3 animals per cage, depending on the species..

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If your personally invited referral makes a deposit, then you will get 7% of the referral deposit amount to your account balance for 1st level & 1% for 2nd level. And this money will be available for withdrawal in the same currency, using which your referral made a deposit.

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Becoming a Global Representative of Eggzoid Farm Limited investment platform brings you unbounded business possibilities. For direct representatives you will get 9% representative commission. For 2nd level representative you will get 2% representative commission.

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